Thursday, April 19, 2012

USA Today Website - Politics Page has ALL the Presidential Candidates in the Race.... Except ONE Candidate is not listed at all... Guess who that is.

The MSM is really starting to Pi** me off!

SNL this last Saturday (April 14th) pretended that Ron Paul never existed in the Presidential race in their cold opening.

Now, take a look at USA Today's Political page of Candidates in the Presidential Race, they have them all listed except for one.

I know, you will just never guess who that one person is that does not exist it seems.

Seriously?!  Do they really think people are going to believe Ron Paul never existed?  Do they really think that people are going to just forget about Ron Paul?

The biggest problem is... most people read MSM sh** and watch their Fake/distraction news, instead of informing themselves with truth on the internet alternative real news sites.

But they are getting more and more ridiculous as time goes by.  Does it mean they are scared?  Does this mean that Ron Paul has made huge inroads into their puppet campaigns and puppet candidates, except for Ron Paul?

Are more people actually voting for Ron Paul - but through all the voting fraud they commit they are changing the votes?

But Seriously ... MSM ... You are really starting to Pi** the people off by completely acting like Ron Paul doesn't exist and that he has no people voting for him.

You see.... People want Freedom!  People want our Liberties Back!  People Want a Real Government "For the People and By the People!"  People want our Constitution back, of which the country was founded!  People want to audit the Fed and get rid of them!  People want real justice!  People want elected officials that actually think of them and are not just puppets for corporations and banks!  People want Truth!

Everything above is what Ron Paul Stands For!  

What is that line from the movie "Fatal Attraction?"  "We Will NOT be Ignored"  We Will Not let you Ignore Ron Paul!

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 Well it seems we all need to let them know... They DO need to make a correction on their Politics page.
I guess we need to let them know, there happens to be another candidate in the Republican race - They may not have known that because they are idiots, but there is another one and his name is Ron Paul.


I talked to the 800 number person - they said they have had lots of calls - BUT she would not say that they would correct the page and add Ron Paul.

I asked her "Oh, you will keep wrong information on you page which is a misleading to people and you are saying the company is not going to commit to correcting it?"  I also told her I have the info up on how to call them on my blog and will keep encouraging people to call.

I laughed at her and the company and said "I find it amazing that you know Ron Paul is a candidate but you are ignoring him!  I let her know totally what I thought.

What is good is they are getting a TON of Calls!

But at the end I clarified with her that they are refusing to add Ron Paul to the list - even though they know they are wrong!

EDIT TO ADD 12:50 PM 4/20/12 -

They  have ADDED Ron Paul to the list, he is last on it - but he is NOW on it!

Our Calls WORKED!


  1. Hmmm

    What is truly incredible about all this obvious mass media manipulation of the GOP primary is that it just highlights the once hidden fact that 8 zionist jews control virtually all of the main stream media in America. And it also shows the dangers of having 8 men who are traitors to their country doing the bidding of israel. Because lets face it, Ron Paul wants to end israels total dominance within the US government and return it to the citizens....

  2. O8:00PDT I just called the 800 number and spoke with a person about not listing Ron Paul. She had every excuse one could think of for not listing his name and the problem was going to be taken care of shortly! I could tell they are receiving calls. Please call in.
    Paul / Washingotn State

  3. And you find this surprising?

    The MSM, which has been under the Pentagon's penumbra since the late 1930s -- we're talking three generations now -- comprises a de facto Ministry of Propaganda.

    And therefore, we should not condemn the news organs for avoiding Dr. Paul when they can and denigrating him when they cannot -- for doing their job.

    What a waste of time and thought!

    The pursuit of government accountability is not their responsibility, it is ours!

    It is naive and, ultimately, dangerous for all of us who inhabit GenPop America to assume otherwise, no?

    Were Ron Paul to be elected, he would not live long enough to take the oath of office. You know it. I know it.

    And Ron Paul knows it.

    Perhaps the good Doctor would succumb to "natural causes;" he is, after all, 76 years old. But more likely, he would make his exit in that time honored manner reserved for those uppity civilians who cannot be bought off or blackmailed, i.e., dispatched by riflemen in a public setting, thus sending a message -- a forget-me-not as it were -- to any leader who even entertains he notion that the American government exists to serve the American public.

    Bottom line? Government accountability will not be restored by peaceful means.

    And it is the zenith of cynicism to believe otherwise, no?

    John Q. Parvenu

  4. I just called the 800 number and didn't even get out what I was calling about before the man said it "was being corrected as we speak". Keep up the pressure and don't back down. EVERY incident should be met with this action. PRESSURE, PRESSURE, PRESSURE. Hit their advertisers too. Money talks.

  5. Ya know, I would love to see Ron Paul as president. But you should also know that if he does get elected and is able to do even half the things he wants to do that the real powers that be, like the Fed, will just kill him and blame it on a terrorist or something. His being president is most likely a death sentence. Such a shame. I'm almost embarrassed to be a human being anymore.

    1. I actually believe it most likely will be a death sentence, which shows such courage! Imagine knowing that your death is an almost certainty and you can easily avoid it, but you head straight on towards it anyways for the good of our country and fellow Americans! Ron Paul, a man with real courage and conviction.

    2. If (and I emphasis IF)Paul were to be assassinated or even made ill there would be an uprising the size no one in the world has seen before.GOD be with those poor souls who would even try such a thing because GOD is the only one that would be able to save them.


    Pressure is the correct word. I hope people are calling so much it will mess up their phone system. :)


  8. Yupp fixed now! Paul

  9. Prosecuting felony vote fraud should have big teeth and be addicted to it.

  10. Stand up and be counted RP people!

  11. Lest just call them PINK SLIME MEDIA, the Republican and Democrat PINK SLIME PARTIES, if the name fits then the name sticks!