Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The U.S. government has put full time military on our streets, we have not recognized it for what it is.

The U.S. government has been working on completely militarizing our Police over the last few years.  It started with Bush and now Obama has taken it to a whole new level.  (Yeah the change we can believe in)

I have written about the DHS vehicles previously and was one of the first places on the internet to show the DHS armored vehicles.   Here is my initial report and pictures I took of a DHS vehicle.  It is labeled #1.   I got the pictures in July 2012 while I was in Kentucky.    When I wrote the article and released the pictures, I was accused of photoshopping the pictures from some, since a few did not believe DHS was building armored vehicles at the time.  Well, now everyone knows about the vehicles and how police stations are getting them around the country as MSM has even carried the information on how 'great it is' from their point of view.  The U.S. government is giving them away for 'free' to the police.

People simply have to look around to see that our police are completely militarized.  Look at the BLM agents that were in Nevada.  If you didn't know where and what they were doing and you just saw the pictures, you would have thought they were military personnel over in Iraq or somewhere.

Gallatin Tennessee is a small town North East of Nashville.  It is a town of 31000 people.  Here is the city data. 

Gallatin Tennessee got a Maxxpro Armored vehicle (info about Maxxpro vehicles).  Not just the DHS vehicle style but the even more serious Marine style armored vehicle!  

This MSM station has an article about Gallatin getting the vehicle.  What is disturbing in the article is the fact that 60 police stations throughout Tennessee has requested and applied for one.  
Tennessee is one of the first states to get MRAPs from the Department of Defense.  The state'sLaw Enforcement Support Office, which controls who gets what, says more than 60 departments have applied to get one.
So far only Gallatin, Hendersonville, Mufreesboro and Lewisburg have the vehicle.  Those came from Fort Campbell, which drastically cut its transportation costs.

Here are pictures of the vehicle now.  It has obviously been painted since the news article about it last August.   A friend of mine sent them to me. 

Gallatin Tennessee Police Maxxpro Armored Vehicle

Gallatin Tennessee Police Maxxpro Armored Vehicle

Here is one of my questions and thoughts.  It is said that the BLM officers were also hired Blackwater mercenaries in Nevada.  With the militarized armored vehicles being placed all around the country at police stations will mercenaries be part of any policing if another situation as the BLM standoff happens elsewhere? Are mercenaries part of the plans.  They have no oath to the constitution at all, their only oath is to their handlers, masters and money for doing whatever they are told to do. Will mercenaries be behind the MRAPs instead of police?

The Daily Iowan had this article about the MRAP that a small Iowan town of 7000 got.  It says the police have been militarized and has no business getting these vehicles.  Great Article with real concerns but it has a funny part too.  I highly advice reading the whole article, it is very good.
Portion of the 'funny' part:
I mean if the police were realistic, they could come up with actual reasons to use their MRAP/machine of doom. Drunken high-school house parties could be broken up by ramming the MRAP into the side of the building. Clearly, people who have been trying to curtail underage drinking have not seriously considered the serious deterrents to slamming down a few Hamms in your parents’ house caused by a soulless war machine demolishing your kitchen.
A serious paragraph of it:

The effects of cops moving from handguns to assault rifles and being equipped with tanks, bazookas, and Kevlar has been twofold. First, civil liberties have absolutely been eroded, with police-brutality rates skyrocketing in last decade according to the Justice Department. Not only that, but, with the influx of military gear into local police forces, cops begin to view themselves as soldiers whose main job is combat rather than keeping the peace. How else can you explain the rise in police shootings since 9/11?

Iowa got a total of 7 MRAP vehicles for their police.

What this all proves is, the U.S. government understands they can't put the military on the streets officially and many of the military personnel would not fire upon U.S. citizens.  But the police are very willing to shoot citizens and have proven it over and over again.  The police have murdered innocent people that were not a threat throughout the U.S. nor did they have weapons.  The police are perfect for those in power to use along with mercenaries to squash any citizens not abiding by their causes or police state rules.

The U.S. has put military on our streets full time through the police, we simply haven't fully recognized it for what it is.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Proof: Chemtrail Deniers are the Liars. UN speaker talks about Chemtrails and what it is doing to our air and crops.

All those Chemtrail Deniers are proven to be Liars now!  A UN speaker discusses Chemtrails to the assembly, how it is sprayed from planes for weather modification. Besides what it is doing to our air and crops.

The Chemtrails are causing crop failures besides animal deaths and the slow agonizing deaths of people from the poison.  The aluminum is causing more Alzheimers and Parkinson disease throughout the population too.
It is time for people to become more aware and awake and look up in the sky to see what poison is being perpetrated upon humanity.

I will continue to post about Chemtrails and do videos of the chemtrails that are being sprayed in the sky.

Today we were suppose to have clear blue skies, instead we have lined Chemtrail skies.

We have to demand this be stopped!  We have to demand accountability from those who are poisoning the Earth!  We have to demand our politicians stand up to those behind the slow murder of humanity and the Earth.

We have to put a stop to this, not just for ourselves but for the future generations.

Full video of UN assembly at this link.

Here is the link to the site that Rosalind Peterson heads. 

Friday, April 18, 2014

China: The hypocrisy of the U.S. in Ukraine, Old government 'inhumane' against Demonstrators. Now U.S. considers, Demonstrators as Terrorists.

China has said it perfectly regarding the U.S. position in Ukraine. 

In February, the U.S. took a stand against the elected President and his reactions to (CIA led) demonstrators.  They yelled and screamed that any action against the demonstrators for 'Freedom' was inhumane and would not be tolerated.   The U.S. said the elected President, Yanukovych was 'suppressing Democracy' with his actions to stop the protests.

Now the protesters are to be stopped by any means possible in the U.S. eyes, because they are not 'democracy' protests, but the protesters are terrorists who are disrupting the Ukraine installed government.

China doesn't stop there.  They say, which they have said in the past.  The U.S. 'spreads' democracy and takes over countries for 'freedom' in places they want the resources.

Recent articles from China's official government news website about the U.S. and Ukraine, include China blaming the U.S. for the Ukraine crisis,

From the articles coming out of China, it is obvious where they really stand on the Ukraine position.  They stand with Russia.

Portions from article:

Kiev authorities on Tuesday launched an "anti-terrorist operation" against "pro-Russian"armed forces in the eastern city Kramatorskopening a Pandora's box of the Ukrainian army bloodily quelling the pro-Russian faction

The Tuesday crushing of rebellions by the new Kiev administration shares a similarity with the crackdown on protesters who occupied the parliament in FebruaryHoweverwhen then Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovych commanded the crackdown on demonstratorshe was overwhelmed by Western denunciations and threats since the order was considered "bloodyand "inhumane." 

On the contraryWestern public opinion has given sympathy and comprehension to Kiev's  military operation against eastern rebels. Yanukovych was "suppressing democracy," while the acting Kiev authorities are believed to have carried out their legitimate State rights.

The West is able to define various global conflicts due to the strength of its soft powerThings are judged based on the West's own interests rather than the facts. That's why the crack downs in Ukraine in February and on Tuesday have gained sharply different Western  commentsSuch double standards have been widely used by the WestTurbulenceif  occurring in countries that have a tense relationship with the Westare considered a"democratic revolution," but if the same situation happens in highly pro-Western countriesprotesters will be viewed as radicals

Because Western interests have penetrated the whole global discourse power system,terms such as "democracyand "human rightsare added to the mix when the West tries to   impose its will on the worldDeveloping countries face an arduous task to restore the  original meaning of these terms

The "democratic revolutionsupported by the West has rarely brought about prosperity  and stability over the past two decades. The future of those revolutionary countries is  unclearBut one certain thing is that the "democratic revolutionhas cleared away obstacles that prevent the West from realizing its geopolitical interestsAfter the disintegration of the Soviet UnionUkraine has evolved into the forefront of geopolitical competition between the West and RussiaWe can only understand what's going on in Ukraine from the perspective of geopolitics.

The world's eyes are open to what the U.S. is doing and how they operate.  The people of the world are aware of the U.S. tactics along with the governments.  Yet the citizens of the U.S. are still blind to what the U.S. is really about.  The U.S. starts wars for various reasons and those reasons are never about Democracy and Freedom for the People!   The U.S. is the most inhumane country in the world because of those in control.  China even said the U.S. was the biggest violator of human rights in the world, through their study. 

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

WOW What Global Warming we are having. Snowing on April 15th, 2014 in Knoxville, Tennessee

WOW, Can you believe this Global Warming that is happening?  It has been snowing here in Tennessee on April 15th 2014.

Yes, of course they (UN) want to charge us another tax for all the global warming we are creating.  

Of course if you deny there is Global Warming you are considered a psychologically deranged person by the government and UN.

So.... enjoy all the Global Warming as it snows in April.

Monday, April 14, 2014

RISE UP Video! This is perfect considering everything going on and the Celestial Events this month. Taking Our Power Back!

This is a Great Video and is perfect considering everything going on this month, including the 'Grand Cross' and Eclipses too.    This is about Truth of us being enslaved by those in Control.

We are the Ones who need to Save ourselves!  It is through a change of our own consciousness and understanding that we have the Power!  We are the Power!  Through our changing the way we think and stop being controlled by the media, government and organized institutions to limit our thinking or believing power is outside of ourselves.  We can change all that is happening in the blink of an eye.  We have the power of the planets with us, we need to use the power by putting our Energy in Love for ourselves, Earth, each other.  When we understand the oneness of us all and not see, race, gender, culture, religion, political affiliations, or anything else that is meant to divide us, we start seeing the truth.

Right now, if there is one thing I am asking everyone to do.  Is Feel Love for something!  Expand your Love, be it for someone else, an animal, Earth etc.,  farther out to surround you and where you are.  See your Love going up higher and higher.  Love yourself and while you are doing that, forgive yourself for anything you feel bad about yourself, from the past.  Then forgive another for something they did.  Once we take a step forward in Love and Forgiveness we set our intentions and RISE UP.

I sincerely believe we all do make a difference, we create all things in our world on a personal level and global level through our thoughts and feelings.  Doesn't it feel better to have thoughts of Love instead of anger or fear?

The energies are here for us to change what is going on and to be Free.  It is up to all of us to embrace the energies and to harness them for ourselves and others in Love.

This is from John Garret who did the 'Wayseer' video.  This one is