Sunday, October 4, 2015

Government Chart of Gun Murders - A Complete Lie! Real Statistics from FBI. Real Truth through real charts on gun violence/murders.

I am seeing this chart about how guns have been used in murders of more people than anything else in the world in the U.S., including Terrorism. (7 Terrorism murders???  I will get to that little fact and have something to say about it, later in this article).

This is a chart Motherjones is using on their site:

There is a problem with the chart and mind you this is the same chart CNN and all the mainstream media including the government is using.  There were NOT 33636 gun deaths in the U.S. in 2013.

Rolling Stones has the most ridiculous chart there is on gun violence that is an absolute Lie! 

The FBI has the statistics on their site for 2013

  • There were an estimated 14,196 murders last year.

That is TOTAL murders for 2013!  That includes ALL forms of murder, stabbings, blunt objects, strangulation besides guns.  

Now here is another chart from this site:

Murders have been going down since the 1980s.  

Guns are not the big problem that they are made out to be.  The mainstream media and the government are lying about the statistics and those are OUTRIGHT Lies!  If people did not just believe everything they are told and researched the information themselves then they would wake up to how they are being controlled with lies.  

I am going to say this over and over again..... Guns make a person/family Safer!  Having a Gun is a way to be assured you are safe and protected!  

Look at Kennesaw Georgia where the law has been since 1982 that you MUST own and have a gun. 

That chart says it all!  Guns make a community Safer! 

You can go to the FBI site and look at all the statistics by states and the crime.  Here is a link to the 2013 crime statistics by state.    That chart is too big to put in here, so you need to go to it. 

Look at the FBI statistics of deaths by guns for each state.  I want to point out a couple of states that are on the FBI list.  

California has some of the strictest gun laws in the U.S. and yet they have the most murders there of the U.S.  1745 murders were committed in the state in 2013. with 1224 of those being committed by firearms and the rest by other means.   

I have read other articles that proclaim the states with higher gun ownership has higher murder rates by firearms.  That is completely a Lie!  The opposite is true. Criminals know that people can not protect themselves in states that don't allow guns.  The crime rate is higher in those states.  Check out all the real data I have linked from the FBI.  You can look at it in several ways.  

One of the other things that mainstream and the government fail to tell you.  More violent crimes have been stopped by concealed carry licensed civilians thinking fast and shooting a criminal before others can get hurt. 

I can put article after article here about how conceal carry civilians have saved many lives over the years.   The media and government ignore those facts and never report those stories.  They don't follow along with the narrative and falsified information about guns.  What is happening is out right lies and charts are being created to fit their stories and narratives about guns and violence.  

What is the truth is the opposite.  More gun laws create more violence.  If we had a law in the U.S. that required everyone to have a gun and one member of a family has to have a concealed weapons license.  We then would not have the shootings we have now.  A person intent on mass murder would not get far and they would know it. They would be taken out immediately!  We need guns and it is our RIGHT!  

Regarding there have been only 7 deaths from terrorism......  WOW......WHY are we spending trillions on 'The War on Terror'?   Why have we had our freedoms taken away and Why are we tracked with everything we do or say on the internet and our phones?  Why are we treated as criminals now and terrorist and called as such if we don't agree with the government?   What the 7 murders from Terrorism show is that the War On Terror is complete BULLSHIT!  

We are having our money spent and going in debt for Bullshit!  People need to wake up and look at the truth and see with their own eyes the outright lies and information that is being spoon fed to them.  The truth is out there, you simply have to find it!  I will always help when possible to bring the truth out through Real information! 

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Chris Mercer "Media saying White Supremacist" Truth is Half Black, but not one single picture of his black mom taken.

The government and media has to stay by their 'created' dialog about Chris Mercer.  In fact there must be an unsaid pact to keep that narrative going.  Why, do I say that.  There are many pictures of Chris Mercer's white father but not one picture of his mother on the internet.  Why is that?  Because she is black.

The media headlines are "White Supremacist" leanings for the reason Chris Mercer did what he did.  Are people realizing that he targeted white Christians?

I have even had a family member call me and being upset what I wrote about in my questioning and red flag post about the shooting.   

That family member started yelling at me that Chris Mercer was white and that I needed to get my facts straight and that he was a Nazi White Supremacist.  Mind you, the family member believes the 'official 9/11' story and believes in gun control and that no one should have guns.  They only listen to the mainstream media and government narratives for everything.  So, needless to say, I know they are not really seeing the truth.

Search for an image of Chris Mercer's mother, you will only find one of his father.

Do a search with her name; Laurel Harper, Chris Harper Mercer's mother, for images, again all you get is images of Chris Harper and images of his father.  Not one single image of his mother.  The media is keeping that out of the public on purpose.

Do a search for Chris Mercer White Supremacist and you will find that is the headlines for many articles about the shooter.

The official narrative is; he was a white nazi loving right leaning shooter who killed Christians.  Yet, the first reports were that he was a Black Lives Matter Supporter.  

The official narratives include him being obsessed with guns.

I want to say, the media is not being honest at all by not showing his mother in images.  Chris Mercer was close to his mother.  He lived with her.

I have a real problem with the slanted information about the shooting.  The public is not being told the whole truth.  It is having to fit into a narrative that is contrived.  Is it any wonder I question every single thing that happens?  When I see we are not being given all the information about an event and people involved and things are being hidden, I then doubt all the facts.

I will say over and over again, the only reason we even have some form of freedoms still is the fact that we have a limited 2nd amendment still.  If our right to bear arms is taken away we will immediately lose every other free right we have left, which is not many.

Will an image of Chris Mercer's mother ever be released, or will she stay hidden from the public forever, so people don't question the 'White Supremacist' narrative?

I just want people to think for themselves about everything that happens. I want people to question everything released and look at what is not being released and then ask, Why?  I want people to start understanding we are being controlled to think one way about an event or situation by the government and media.  People need to start thinking for themselves, they need to read between the lines.  Don't just believe everything they are told.  I don't want people to just believe everything I write either.  As I can get things wrong too, though not on purpose, I try to put out the truth at all times.

Friday, October 2, 2015

On CNN; "Problem with Russia in Syria. An Accidental Skirmish With The US LED ISIS Coalition"

Read what it says "U.S. Led ISIS Coalition"!

On CNN's Broadcast, Daniel Drezner from The Washington Post, said that the problem with Russia in Syria is a possible accidental skirmish with the U.S. LED ISIS Coalition!

All the media has already been mentioning how Russia is bombing their CIA "moderate" rebels of Al Qaeda.   Of course they use the word 'rebel' instead of 'terrorist'.  Which is really funny.  Because wasn't it Al Qaeda who used to be called terrorist here?  Weren't they the reason we went to Iraq and Afghanistan?  Really weird.... I wonder if people are noticing that the U.S. now fully embraces and admits arming and supporting Al Qaeda, who were suppose to be our mortal enemies who did 9/11.  Now it seems there is a slip and the U.S. is behind ISIS too. 

In other words.  The U.S. is behind all the terrorist in the Middle East.  But they have to use the excuse of the war on terror, to keep our freedoms locked down.  

Will people understand all of this?  Will they listen to what is being said and the fact the U.S. is behind all the killings and revolutions in the Middle East?  

The only reason we are in Afghanistan is so they completely control the world's heroin production.  But remember we are there "To fight Terrorism/Al Qaeda", that is the official line as the government and media stick to it.    

Here is CNN

Thursday, October 1, 2015

The Oregon Shooting at Umpqua College. Here are some immediate red flag questions

  A Chris Mercer, 26 has been identified as the shooter at the Oregon Umpqua Community College

 I have some questions about this already.  

I don't think the media will lead with the fact the Oregon shooter was a "Black Lives Matter" supporter.  He was out to kill whites and Christians.  It does not fit their profiling they want, unlike how they unearthed a picture of the church shooter with a confederate flag a couple of months ago.  

“The shooter was lining people up and asking if they were Christian,” she wrote. “If they said yes, then they were shot in the head. If they said no, or didn’t answer, they were shot in the legs.
 He wrote about killing people at a school/college on a forum the night before.   It is completely disgusting how he was urged to do killings by others on the forum.  

Now the red flags and the questions I would like everyone to think about is the following from this article from the New York Post about the shooting. 

Sometime later, students’ cell phones were confiscated and they were escorted out of their buildings with their hands up as authorities patted them down and lined them up to be evacuated on buses, according to NRToday.

Now read this from the USA article about the shooting.

Hanlin, the Douglas County sheriff overseeing the investigation, has been vocal in opposing state and federal gun-control legislation.
Hanlin registered his opposition this year as state lawmakers considered requiring background checks on private, person-to-person gun sales.
Hanlin told a legislative committee in March that a background-check mandate wouldn't prevent criminals from getting firearms.
He said the state should combat gun violence by cracking down on convicted criminals found with guns, and by addressing people with unmanaged mental health issues.
Hanlin also sent a letter to Vice President Joe Biden in 2013, after the shooting at a Newtown, Connecticut, elementary school. Hanlin said he and his deputies would refuse to enforce new gun-control restrictions "offending the constitutional rights of my citizens."

First, WHY did they confiscate all the phones from the students that were in the college during the shooting?  I have never heard of phones being confiscated except when there are pictures and videos that authorities do not want made public.

Second,  It happened in the county where the sheriff there stands by the people's constitutional rights to bear arms and refused to enforce any gun control by the federal government.  Is that just a major coincidence?

I just think those two facts are very odd.  Of course this is going to be something that is jumped on by Obama, for gun control.  He has already made a speech about it.  But I seriously doubt he brought up the Black Lives Matter connection.  Of course if it had been someone who had been pictured with a confederate flag at one time, he would bring that up.

Information is still coming in about the shooting, but those are two things that really stood out to me after reading just those two articles too about it.  I wanted to bring those two oddities to people's attention.

I want to send my thoughts and condolences to all those who have been impacted and have lost their lives from this horrible and senseless tragedy.  No one should take another person's life.  I feel for the families involved.

I am not down playing what happened, I am simply asking questions about what I read and the things that don't make sense or is strange about it.  

Update:  The New York Post has now taken out the information about the cell phones being confiscated.  But I had pasted and copied what was written before.

Saturday, September 26, 2015

It has been a long time since I have given the blog attention. What I have been doing this year.......


Well,  many of you believe I may have dropped off the face of the Earth or 'rounded up' :)

It has been a crazy year for me.

I sold my house last December and have not gotten settled since.

I have been following 'the dream' of living on a boat.  So I bought one down in Florida for a really excellent price, or so I thought.  The price was so good, I did not have it inspected.   Well...... you can imagine what that got me.

The boat is still in Florida.  Almost a year later, still being worked on and still having lots of problems.  Every month I thought, it was going to start the trip up, yet month after month goes by and yet there is another problem that has to be fixed.  It has taken a major toll on me, where it has done a real number on me, mentally, emotionally, physically and financially.  There is yet another problem now that has to be fixed before she can come up.

My intention is to name the boat 'Namaste'.   The meaning of which is from the Eastern cultures and it is: "The Divine Light in me, sees the Divine Light in you.  Together we are one in that state."  For me it is to try and see everyone in the truth of themselves and me, which we are all divine we just have to bring the inner to the outer.  We all need to have the intent to be the best we can be and to see others as who they are in truth.

So, for 2 and half years I had the intention of selling my house and everything in it to buy and live on a boat.  With that intention in mind, I had signed up for a Diesel powered technology course at the college.  There was a 2 year waiting list to get into the course.  I signed up in 2013 for it, in March they called my name up as being able to get in.  I delayed starting until May, thinking I was going to bring the boat up between March and May.... well that didn't happen.

I have been in college learning diesel engines, welding, electrical and so on, since May.  I go every day to class, except for the weekends.  Class starts at 8 am.  I am the only woman in my class and the oldest.  There are 21 of us, who have all started at different times.  Some of the guys will be graduating at the end of this year and so on every couple of months, someone leaves and new people come in.  It is a 20 month course, so I will graduate December 2016.

I am loving the course.  I have had no mechanical experience before this.  No one in my family has ever been mechanical in the least.  I had never even changed the oil in any of my cars previously.  So I have been starting from not knowing a single thing about engines.  Many of the guys (all in teens or twenties, except for one 40 ish man) have been around engines and know a lot before they get into the course.  The guys in their teens signed up for the course before they were even juniors in high school, since it is such a long wait list.

Our instructor is amazing.  He literally knows everything about engines.  He built an engine and completely re did a truck at the age of 14.  He knows everything imaginable, including every type fuel system, rail there is and he is a master mechanic besides welder and so on.  I am thrilled to have him as our instructor and learning from him.

It has been a really hard year, that has entailed so much frustration besides many other emotions.  I haven't been able to even write about it because I have been so emotional regarding it all.

It seems that almost everyone I talk to has had a very trying year.  There have been other things that have caused emotional distress too, including a sister who had kidnapped our father and hid him for his money.  He died after she had him sign everything over to her in his will.  The emotions and anger I have dealt with regarding that, there is no expressing into words.  She took so much more than money, which she will one day have to repay in really strong karma.  She took away soul forgiveness and a deep soul atonement that would have been good for all of us and now we can never get back.  She may have gotten all his money and possessions, but that is only temporary and greed vibrations.  It is the higher love and forgiveness realm she will one day have to pay back and I sure in the hell would not want to be her!  She had done this a few years ago in getting all of our grandparents money through having a will naming her as the beneficiary.   But what she did with our father, by hiding him from his family and friends........ that is completely evil in the core.  Oh, but of course she is one of those... who says I am a "Christian" in every sentence... "Pray for me".... She is one who preys on people's emotions and uses God as her facade.  She is an over the top "Christian" along with her husband and son.  She and her family will live sorry and pitiful lives due to what they do and 'God' will have his vengeance upon their heads.  Karma is a Bitch.... when you create bad Karma and you live in through lies and greed, instead of Love and doing what is right for all.

I did do one adventure this year, which I still need to write about.  I went down to the Bayou Corne sinkhole in Louisiana and investigated it.  I took a lot of pictures and talked to the local people there about what was really going on and what is happening now.   I will try and get the information up soon about the sinkhole.

So.... that is the very short of what has been happening with me and why I have not been posting.  Besides there has been so many times I have wanted to post about things, but would be too frustrated or emotional about various subjects.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Pope Francis says "Not Christian if you buy, manufacture or support guns". Then the Vatican and Pope are not a Christians!

Seems that Pope Francis is getting into the gun banning arena and obviously supports the abolishing of all guns.

The Pope was in Turin Italy for a rally and made guns a topic of it. 

TURIN, Italy (Reuters) - People who manufacture weapons or invest in weapons industries are hypocrites if they call themselves Christian, Pope Francis said on Sunday.
"It makes me think of ... people, managers, businessmen who call themselves Christian and they manufacture weapons. That leads to a bit a distrust, doesn't it?" he said to applause.
He also criticized those who invest in weapons industries, saying "duplicity is the currency of today ... they say one thing and do another."

Since the Pope even implied "investing" in weapons makes you a non-Christian too.... I would then say this.

I will look forward to the Pope now having everyone of his security guards and Police at the Vatican get rid of their guns.  I will look forward to the Vatican not investing anymore money buying guns for their Police and security.

So the Pope has now implied and said that every government in the world is a non-Christian government as they buy guns for their military.

I want to see the Vatican and all world governments get rid of their guns to prove how Christian they are!

So.... before the push comes to take away our guns, due to having them is not "Christian" now, lets see how Christian the Pope is. 

Oh, you wonder what weapons the Pope and the Vatican are protected by?  Here is the information.

 The Gendarmerie is equipped with the Glock 17 semi-automatic pistol in 9 mm Parabellum as the standard issue weapon.They also have more powerful weapons, such as the Beretta M12 and the Heckler & Koch MP5 sub-machine gun, a weapon also used by the Italian police. Against possible riots, they are supplied with batons, pepper sprays and tear gas. For the elite-unit Rapid Intervention Group (GIR), members are equipped with the Carbon 15 carbine and Heckler & Koch FABARM FP6 shotguns.

So, it seems that the Pope may believe that guns are only for the Elite and to protect the Elite and we simple people are non-Christians if we too have guns to protect ourselves....

Interesting that Karl Rove has now come out against guns and has implied the 2nd amendment should be repealed.  

Now maybe there’s some magic law that will keep us from having more of these. I mean basically the only way to guarantee that we will dramatically reduce acts of violence involving guns is to basically remove guns from society, and until somebody gets enough “oomph” to repeal the Second Amendment, that’s not going to happen

All I can say is, the Pope, the government and who ever else can call me all the names they want and they can accuse everyone who has a gun a non-Christian, good citizen, etc......... I will always stand by my Freedoms and Rights.  If those at the top want to keep up the B.S. rhetoric about Guns, lets see them be the first to get rid of their guns.   All of them need to Start walking the talk or otherwise Shut Up! 

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

U.S. plan to shut down cell phones and internet in energency. Court ruled no disclosure. Flashback: U.S. condemns cell phone and internet shut down in Egypt and Syria

It seems the courts through a Freedom of information act lawsuit is standing by the U.S. government and not allowing the release of the U.S. governments plan to shut down the internet and cell phone service (plan SOP303) in times of emergencies.   In other words if there was civil unrest.

The reason why the lawsuit was filed in the first place was due to when all cell phone service was cut in San Francisco during the BART unrest.

The court is being asked to revisit their ruling.

The US Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit in February sided (PDF) with the government and ruled that the policy did not need to be disclosed under a Freedom of Information Act request from the Electronic Privacy Information Center. The court agreed with the government's citation of a FOIA exemption that precludes disclosure if doing so "could reasonably be expected to endanger the life or physical safety of any individual."
EPIC asked the court to revisit its ruling, arguing that the decision, "if left in place, would create an untethered 'national security' exemption'" in FOIA law. On Friday, the court ordered (PDF) the government to respond—a move that suggests the appellate court might rehear the case.

What is as always the case is the U.S.'s position around the world is "Do as we say not as we do".

Remember the U.S. State Department has always condemned other countries for shutting down the internet and cell phone service during unrest.  They condemned Egypt and Syria in 2011 during their unrest for shutting down services.

The U.S. will not release in what situations they would/will cut off all services.  That is a major problem considering U.S. citizens do not 'trust' their government regarding our civil liberties anymore after decades of our rights being abolished.

Just as the Patriot Act is coming up June 1st for renewal, of which I have no doubt will sail through the Congress and Obama will sign it.  Even if millions called to express their displeasure of the Patriot Act and our Constitutional Rights being shredded due to it, they will ignore the people and do as they are told.

The fact that the U.S. even has a plan shows our civil liberties are not provided no matter what.  It proves the U.S. government will take away our rights in seconds because they can.  They will do the same thing here and it has been said they did it during the Ferguson Missouri unrest using 'Stingray'.  

After watching Last Week with John Oliver's video asking people in Times Square who Edward Snowden is and the answers given, I fully realized U.S. citizens are the ones who just don't give a damn.  The U.S. citizens themselves are the ones to blame for what has happened in this country.  We are the ones who have allowed the government to take away our rights, through many decades of ignoring what D.C. did.  We are the ones who have allowed the government and media to have us live through 'fear' and thus allow our Constitution to be shredded due to following the 'fear' mongering.

The truth is, it is up to all of us to change what is happening.  But we first have to change ourselves.  We have to stop following the carrot put in front of us by the media and government,  leading us to our own demise of freedoms in being told what we are suppose to think.  We need to start thinking for ourselves.  We need to start believing in ourselves and not believe what others tell us to.  We need to stand for freedom which is everyone's natural born right.  We need to do all of this in an attitude of Love for ourselves and our country.

It is time for people to wake up in understanding, fear is not the way to live and direct our lives.  Once we stop allowing the government to control our emotions and thoughts through fear we will then gain control of what is happening.

It really is up to all of us and beginning to fully understand our own power and where we put our energy.

Even though this song was written for Africa 30 years ago.  It applies today to ourselves and our country.  
  "There is a choice we are making we are saving our own lives. It is true we make a brighter day, just you and me"  "Let's start giving"  Lets start giving of ourselves! 

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

John Oliver interviews Edward Snowden. U.S. citizens real concerns? They only care if their 'dick' pictures are seen by government.

 June 1st the govt. votes on continuing the Patriot Act. 

It is important for people to stand up for their freedoms. If we don't stand up we lose it all. We can't live in fear as the government wants us to, just so they can spy on every single person and everything we do. Understand this is not about fighting terrorism, this is about knowing everything about every single citizen. 

Every citizen is considered guilty by the government and they spy on every thing we do and spend. John Oliver makes the conversation funny and shows how people are not concerned unless it involves pictures of dicks. Yes... I wrote that correctly. 

Must watch video.

As a side note.  I have not been writing on the blog due to trying and getting my own life straight.  I start college (Diesel technology) and have been in a flux in trying to get what will be my new home fixed and straightened out besides getting it up to Tennessee.  I bought a boat to live on and have had all types of work needed to be done on it.  It has been an ordeal to say the least.