Thursday, August 21, 2014

The Divine Law of Vibration from the Book : Divine Laws;Mastership - Text book for Students of Secret Schools - Written by the Grand Master Illuminati

The introduction to the book is here.

In this video, I show portions from the Law of Vibration as written by RS Clymer.

I believe the Law of Vibration is the Law of Attraction/Karma and everything.  Our vibrations are what makes us who we are and our lives as they are.

We are the power to not just make our lives better but the world better.

This is the video.....

Book: The Divine Law; Mastership: A Fundamental Text Book for All Students Enrolled in Secret Schools by the Grand Master of Illuminati

If there is one thing I do, I question our world and everything in it and why things happen.  I have prayed for the Truth of Self and for all of us to know the Truth of Self.  For all of us to become enlightened and illuminated with the Truth of our self.   I have put my energy into that everyday.

I have studied and read many many books and information on the internet.  I have grown from fear, when becoming aware of truth of our world and those who run it, years ago.

I have been very blessed to have 'sages and angels' in my life by sending me different information and books for me to read to help in discovering myself.

I have searched for answers everyday for what is truth.

For those who began reading this blog years ago, you have noticed I went from writing angry articles about what is happening to getting out truth without anger.  I have put out information that helps us all.  I try to write not in anger anymore, but I try and bring out truth as it is.

I have been reading this book.  It is free online through Google Play.  The Divine Law; Mastership: A Fundamental Text Book for All Students Enrolled in Secret Schools by Reuben Swinburne Clymer
He was the Exalted Grand Master of the Illuminati of the World at that time.

In the introduction of this book, it says it is not for the general public, it is only for those students in secret schools.  How it got out, I don't know.  It was written in 1922.

I have just done an introduction about it.  But I am going to do a series of videos about this book and what I believe are truths in it.  I have believed there are also un-truths in it too.  But the most important truths of ourselves and the Divine Laws that are our structure, I believe is revealed and it is important to bring it to those who are interested.

No matter what religion someone is, the Divine Laws are what is.  The dogma of religion keeps us bound to control and looking outside of ourselves instead of understanding God gave us each the power of creation and we are who we have been waiting for.

Becoming Illuminated is the Divinity we should all seek.

Divine Law of Vibration, from book: 

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Swat Team Raided with Immigration, Tibetan Monks for over extended visas while they were on a Peace Mission in U.S.

Considering the U.S. is open for everyone now for illegal immigration.  The illegals are pouring in here fast from south of the border.

SWAT teams in the U.S. are militarized and are being used for the most basic purposes now.  They raid homes for the smallest reasons.

In 2006, they raided  Tibetan Monks on a Peace mission for expired visas with immigration officials.

Now are they going to do this for illegals here now that commit crimes or just go against the American citizens?

I found this as I have been doing research about SWAT teams in the U.S. and if they are privately owned mercenaries.   I am astounded at what I have been finding.

Ferguson Media and citizen's Focus, should not be racial. Police getting away with murder and an 'Above the Law' complex. Swat teams Private Corps

Months ago I started an article about the police in this nation.  How they have gotten away with murder, assault and all other crimes against the citizens.  They are above the law.  The law does not apply to them when they are in uniform.

The people of Ferguson want justice and they are bringing to light how the police are getting away with murder and it has to stop.  The media is making it a racial issue, instead of talking about what it really is about.

They have murdered innocent people across this nation of all races.  In fact from a statistical chart, if accurate shows they have murdered more unarmed whites than blacks.
Bureau of Justice Statistics
Did you know that Swat teams are not regular law enforcement?  Swat teams are private corporations mercenaries.  In other words, Blackwater type hired killers are those that raid our homes and businesses when the government wants them to.

This 11 eye opening facts about the militarizing of the police and how they have murdered innocent children and citizens without ever being held accountable, is a must read,

Here is my article I had started 2 months ago:

I have noticed a trend around the U.S..  The police murder innocent people constantly.  People who did not have a weapon or were a threat.  They are doing this to animals besides people.  Police have become very gun happy.  They assault citizens constantly due to their power trips and they are not held to be accountable for their actions on a whole.

 It is only for those cases that a citizen recorded or photographed a police person assaulting or murdering an individual, opposite from their 'account' of what happened, they may be fired.  But even in those cases they are 'forgiven' and are still on the job, terrorizing people constantly.

I want to state, I have not been against the police previously.  In fact as my daughter was growing up she would approach police officers constantly asking for a junior badge.  I taught her to respect police officers.  Now I have told her never to approach an officer or even call the police for any reason what so ever.  The police have shot homeowners who have called them for one emergency or another.

The police are on a rampant killing murdering spree of the population and they do it because they can get away with it.  They set people up with they do traffic stops.  If they want to search your car they will bring in a drug dog and make the drug dog act like it got a hit on drugs in your vehicle just to trap you.  If you stand up for your rights they do everything in their power to entrap you.

The police in reality are able to get by with murder and assault because of their badge.  If they get caught (which is rarely) they are maybe fired and that is very rare.  Even if they outright murder someone they may be put on leave (with pay) and an investigation done.  In those cases many of the police are put back on the street after it has been found the police acted in a justified way, due to their 'fear' of the citizen they murdered.

We are being terrorized by police who have become militarized police.  The federal government has given the police MRAP vehicles and  military equipment to use against the citizens of the country.  The police have gone from the friendly cop that is a neighbor to the attitude of all of us being guilty and terrorist before being innocent.

Today, the media and government has limited our scope regarding Ferguson murder.  They have made it a racial issue as always, instead of the real issue of cops being out of control.

We have militarized cops who are not held accountable and they falsify reports against citizens all the time.  They only time they are caught is when people have recorded them and show the truth compared to the lie they tell.

I don't believe every cop is bad, but I believe there are many with an above the law complex and they get away with it.

It is time our police force around the nation stop being bullies and start being who they are suppose to be.  Doing their job to 'serve and protect' the people.  It is time to hold all police accountable for what they do.

Darren Wilson needs to be put on trial for murdering Michael Brown.  There was no reason to use a gun, no matter what the excuse.  If he felt threatened, he should have used a taser.

The police squads through out the country need to be trained in being there for the people not against the people.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Update on the Silence from MH17 shot Down. Russia is asking UN Security Council for a briefing on the results.

I did a video this morning about the silence on MH17 black box results and how no one mentions the shooting down of the plane anymore.

Since then ITAR released an article where Russia is asking the UN security council to do a briefing about MH17.